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Past Litters puppies and family's

   Christi sends "I figured it’s been a while since I sent you some Clutch pictures. He is literally the perfect dog (outside of counter surfing occasionally lol) we all adore him. He is so loving and gentle, but also a fierce protector of our family. I am so thankful for him."

Labradoodle puppies Iowa, Hypoallergeneic

    Leslie sends a family pic of Luna and her family at Easter. she says “She has so many friends at the dog Park! EVERYONE loves Luna!! She gets all the dogs excited and loves to be chased! She’s pretty popular!" 

    Ana sends her home security system. Theo and Izzy look happy to protect their home! They always have each other’s backs.

Labradoodle puppy

"We knew the Labradoodle breed was a good fit for us being a social breed with loving personality and intellect.  Lexi has been everything could have asked for and more.  Jane and her family worked with us early on to identify a nice match for our own young family.  You can tell Lexi was raised with nature in Iowa, as she continues to enjoy being outside and taking family hikes.  We could not have found a better place to get our furbaby!"

      Angie and Bill send a picture of Lacy and Skye enjoying the Christmas season in their new home!

Standard labradoodle

Enzia took Oso for pet week to school and he received a new nickname "Oso Perezoso" which means "lazy bear".  He just went there to sleep.

Leo having a heart to heart with Amber. Serious discussions about very important topic.  He's listening intently......

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