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Owning a Dog for the First Time? Here’s How Apps Can Help

Her is another great article written by Cindy Aldridge. Covers some great suggestions!!

Owning a Dog for the First Time? Here’s How Apps Can Help

When you first thought of getting your dog, you may have researched what they should eat, the best beds and the sturdiest leashes for your new friend, but what about mobile apps? There are apps available that can help you be a better dog owner by providing vital assistance from your phone with the added benefit of helping you stay connected to what's going on with your new pet when you travel or have to be away from them for other reasons. Of course, you’ll have to make sure the phone you have is compatible with the apps you need and has fast internet access. If it doesn’t, then it might be time for an upgrade.

Courtesy of Doodles Are Our Family, here’s how the right smartphone and apps can help you take better care of your new pet:

Is Your Phone and Internet up to the Challenge?

If you want to use your newfound apps effectively, you need a phone and wireless connection that can support them so you can make use of these apps. If you have doubts about your current phone, then consider getting your hands on a newer model that can run the apps you love. Just as critical is having a reliable and fast home internet connection. Fortunately, you can find dependable internet service even if you’re not in a populated area.

One last thing you may want to consider getting for your phone is a car charger. This is especially helpful for people who run a lot of errands, as chargers allow you to conveniently power up your phone inside your vehicle. What’s more, some chargers are designed to swiftly power your phone, which is great when your battery is running low.

Track Your Dog’s Physical Activity

Dogs need to keep active in order to be healthy and happy. According to Dog Time, dogs generally need between 30 and 60 minutes of physical activity per day. While the exact amount will vary depending on the type of dog and the age, there’s no doubt that you’ll be taking your dog out for exercise. With an app like Tractive Dog Walk, you can keep track of where you and your dog traveled, the distance covered and the duration of exercise. It also allows you to mark the areas that your dog has gone potty for future reference. If you’re exercising with more than one dog, the app allows you to individualize information. Sometimes dog owners have to share the responsibility of making sure the dog gets enough exercise, and that’s where an app like Paw Tracks will come in handy. You’ll still be able to track activities and make notations, but whoever takes the dog out will also be able to register the walk.

Information and Aid at Your Fingertips

As a first-time dog owner, there might still be a lot of things you don’t know. Apps like ScritchSpot and FitBark allow you to keep track of your pet’s health and have access to resources that give information about common topics like how much to feed your dog and dog training techniques. These kinds of apps will allow you to take pictures of your dog or dog records to share with the app’s community. You can also use the apps to find dog-friendly areas and persons who can stay with or walk your dog. If you’re curious about new products for your dog, then these kinds of apps can offer great product reviews that you might find helpful.

Keep Your Dog Safe From Toxins

Some of the foods that can be toxic to your pets are avocado, meat bones, raisins, onions and chocolate. When dogs ingest things they shouldn’t, it’s important to react quickly. It’s also helpful if you can give your vet pertinent information like what your dog might have eaten and what symptoms they’re showing. If you’re using an app like PupTox, you’ll have access to comprehensive information on human foods, plants, and chemicals that are poisonous to your dog. You’ll be able to find out what symptoms your dog will exhibit if poisoned and contact your vet or the ASPCA with one-touch dialing.

Welcoming a dog into your family can be fun and exciting, but there can also be a great learning curve. Make sure you’re using all the tech tools at your disposal to be the best dog owner you can be.

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